ASPIRE Program

Learn the skills to perform in the show industry across our 7 week ASPIRE course, with a promo shoot at the end to get you started!

Acrobatics. Aerial. Fire and more - Get the Skills

At SOEA, we don’t just create new show products. We train and develop talent to feature in them!

Six specialty skill-sets rolled into one comprehensive course, preparing you for our shows that are popular in the industry right now! You will train in the same facility that we build our stage shows within, with full aerial rigging, first class instructors and acrobatic spring floors.

Series of Events Australia perform in all major events Australia wide, and are renowned for building show products that integrate with our amazing special effects. Our show products push limits by combining many advanced skills that feature in festivals, corporate events, weddings and other key events for clients such Taronga Zoo, KPMG, AMP, Commonwealth Bank, plus many more!

Apply today as spots are limited. We shortlist applicants based on their passion for performance – we look forward to finding out more about you!


Course Schedule

Commercial Dance

Foundation dance routines for team based choreography, as transitional elements to enter key specialty skills. 

Acrobatics / Tricking

Safe spring floor and crash mat based basics, or advanced tumbling based on student level. Initial analysis to determine acrobatic schedule tailored per student.


Base partner acrobatics, for both base and flyer positions. 

Movement with Juggling

You will learn the foundations of juggling and object manipulation, how to use your body to communicate with objects, and then combining juggling with your dance and movement.

Fire Twirling

Foundation twirling and safety, advanced prop selection based on existing fire performance level.

Hand Balancing

For those keen on learning advanced balancing for canes, chairs and more

Aerial Lyra 

You will learn how to control your movements in the Lyra with grace and strength, starting with basics into combinations.