Show Breakdown

Delivering entertainment that excites has always been the backbone of
Evoke Entertainment and Series of Events Australia.

A completely unique product – an amazing merge of live band music with an all out stunt performance!

“Dauntless Crew” with their award-winning stunts coupled with
Australia’s most in demand themed party band “Lets Groove Tonight”
offer a new brand of feature show designed specifically for the
corporate, festival and special events domain.

Easily tailored to suit any demographic, theme or event, this is the
starting platform for your next event.

No more opera, comics or mediocre entertainment- IT’S TIME TO ROCK!

Inclusions and Special Effects

Circus Routines
Adagio and Partner Lifts
Fire Routines
Dance Routines
Live Band and Team Stunts
Fireworks and Co2 Jets




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